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Weekly Power Ranking - 3/13

Weekly Power Ranking – 3/13

I should have had this out for you sooner and I apologize.  Better late than never right?

This power ranking model is the same as others in the respect that teams will be ranked.  The he difference is that unlike the other models this will be an across sport ranking model.  Essentially if the season is in play then you are eligible for the power ranking (Of course it would only be for the sports…

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TRDP - Episode 5 - Tourney I

TRDP – Episode 5 – Tourney I

On this Episode of the Random Discourse Podcast  we will discuss:

NCAA Men’s Basketball

  • Random 4 Game Pick
  • The SEC Conference
  • Underrated Team
  • Seedings


  • Buccaneers Saving then Spending
  • Bronco’s Investments
  • Patriots and Revis
  • Eric Decker


  • Phil Jackson and the Knicks
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Games of the Week

Power Rankings


  • Bone Thugs at Firestone
  • Upcoming Week Expectations

Here are the 4…

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Episode 4 - Late Edition

Episode 4 – Late Edition

Here is what will be covered during this epidose of the Random Discourse Podcast:


  • Phil Jackson and the Knicks
  • Recent Struggles of Pacers, Heat, and Thunder


  • Start of Free Agency
  • Cap Casualties


  • John Henry’s Tweet to Marlins
  • Championship Week

Random Discourse

  • Ski Trip
  • True Dective Recap
  • FF Recap

Please remember to always enjoy safely and responsibly!

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A Quick Word: Carmelo Anthony

A Quick Word: Carmelo Anthony

What ever happened to this Carmelo? The one lead the Orangemen to a NCAA title as a true freshman. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)

What ever happened to this Carmelo? The one lead the Orangemen to a NCAA title as a true freshman. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)

Superstar / noun

1. a person, as a performer or athlete, who enjoys wide recognition, is esteemed for exceptional talent, and is eagerly sought after for his or her services.

A superstar has been defined for us, but a NBA superstar is something different. There…

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